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Produce your own music with Ninja Jamm’s intuitive kinetic interface, effects and HQ Samplepacks.


Remix more than 40 electronic artists including Bonobo, Amon Tobin and ODESZA using each element of their Tunepacks like drums, bass, vocals and melodies.


Share your creation with who you choose, close friends or the entire world via Facebook, Soundcloud or email.

How To Jamm

Check out the video for a how to

Load any pack and you get 4 channels of sounds like drums, bass, melody and vocal to mix how you want. Each has 8 different sounds which you can mash up.

Effects like filter and echo can be put on the sounds, and just by moving the Circle and Square you can control the effects from mild to wild. Womp, Crush, Cut and Glitch let you rock the house.

Record what you’re doing and Save it. Then Share via email, Facebook, Twitter if you want to let your friends listen.

Tech Specs


All sample clips are full 44.1k 16bit quality uncompressed audio, none of your mp3 rubbish. All internal processing is done at full resolution. Cutting between loops is not quantised but yet is always in time using our ‘Perfect Beat’ technique not available in any other music software.


Each channel has 4 DJ FX - bitcrush, womp filter, echo and reverb. The XY pad allows these FX to be combined into a multi-FX controlled using 2 finger touch, selectable per channel. The Gyro option controls the multiFX by tilting.


The Coldcut buffershuffle algorthythm treats any clip as a series of ‘cuts’. Six Recut styles and six Superfills apply principles of randomness and preprogrammed sequences to reshuffle, reverse, repeat and omit cuts. Allowing you extreme and sometimes unpredictable possibilities of beat manipulation.