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Conditions of Use

These Conditions of Use set out the terms by which you may use the Ninja Jamm app (the “App”). The Conditions of Use includes a Licence regarding use of music content included with the App ("Content"). As a user of the app and its Content, you are termed "The Licensee". We provide the App and Content and are termed "The Licensors".

The Share option process described below includes both a summary of and a link to the Conditions. It is stated as part of the Share option process that by pressing the Share button within the App, you accept these Conditions and agree to abide by them. Please read this document carefully.

We may, at our discretion, make changes to these Conditions at any time. Any changes will be posted on this page. In some instances, we may send an email to registered users notifying them of a change to the Conditions. You should, however, check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes.

If you do not agree to these Conditions, or you find any change to these Conditions unacceptable, please refrain from using the App. If you continue to use the App, including after a new set of Conditions has been posted, you will be deemed to have agreed to these Conditions and accepted any changes to them.

Ninja Jamm, Content, Tunepacks, Samplepacks and NJ Recordings

The App Ninja Jamm is a music-based software application developed as a collaboration between Ninja Tune Ltd and seeper Ltd, both of London, UK. The App is designed for digital devices such as the Apple iPhone, Ipad and Ipod and also Android devices from various manufacturers.

Ninja Jamm includes music termed Content for use within the App; Content is supplied as two distinct types called “Tunepacks” and "Samplepacks" which are licensed to you under different Terms and conditions of use which are detailed below.

1. Use of Tunepacks Content

1.1 Each Tunepack contains Content fully derived from existing copyright music works licenced from copyright holders termed "Tune Licensors". Tunepacks may be purchased by users for use within the app using the "In App Purchase" scheme via Apple"s App Store system, Google"s Play Store or other legitimate app content marketplaces. Tunepacks may also be made available to users for free under certain circumstances, however the same terms apply to free Tunepacks as purchased Tunepacks. 

1.2. Ninja Jamm allows the user to play interactively with Tunepack Content. Tunepack Content is licenced solely for interaction within the App. 

1.3. Notwithstanding 1.2. , Tunepack Content may be played interactively with by the user within the App, and the results may be recorded using the in-app Recording option, to produce a recording termed an "NJ Tunepack Derived Recording".
Any other method of extracting or using Tunepack Content other than by the process described below of "NJ Sharing" of NJ Tunepack Derived Recordings is against the terms of the Conditions.

1.4. "NJ Sharing" means the use of the Sharing Option in Ninja Jamm to share NJ Tunepack Derived Recording via such sharing options as SoundCloud, email, Audiocopy, AudioShare. NJ Sharing also includes the ability to open NJ Tunepack Derived Recording in other audio apps. By the NJ Sharing process, the user may generate links to the shared NJ Tunepack Derived Recording and then distribute those links so that others can play them without copying them.

1.5. By pressing the Share button within the app to activate the Share Option, the user accepts these Conditions and agree to abide by them. Specifically:

1.6. It is accepted by the user that any such NJ Tunepack Derived Recordings are fully derived from the copyrighted musical work which comprise that Tunepacks Content. Hence the copyrights in the NJ Tunepack Derived Recordings are identical with those in the Tunepack Content they are derived from, and so are protected by the same copyright as the Tunepack Content.

1.7. Public downloading of NJ Tunepack Derived Recordings is not permitted as this would be making unauthorised further copies of the Tunepack Content. Hence users should not enable public downloading of NJ Tunepack Derived Recordings in SoundCloud. 

1.8 Users may make "Private NJ Downloads" of NJ Tunepack Derived Recordings but may not redistribute or copy any part of these Private NJ Downloads to others.

1.9. Private NJ Downloads are the same as NJ Tunepack Derived Recordings ie are fully derived from copyrighted musical works which comprise the Tunepack Content, and so are protected by the same copyright as the Tunepack Content. 

1.10. It is not permitted for users to copy Tunepack Content either via Private NJ Downloads, NJ Tunepack Derived Recordings or via any other access method and then use the Tunepack Content in other ways. 

2. Use of Samplepacks content

2.1 Each Samplepack contains original Content, termed "Sounds" produced by "Sound Licensors" and licenced to Ninja Jamm users under a set of conditions detailed below. Samplepacks differ from Tunepacks in that recordings derived from Samplepacks, termed "NJ Samplepack Recordings", may be freely shared and such derivative works may be regarded as original compositions created by the app user. Whereas all recordings derived from Tunepacks remain the copyright of the artist who created the tune that the Tunepack is derived from.

Samplepacks may be purchased by users for use within the app using the "In App Purchase" scheme via Apple"s App Store system, Google"s Play Store or other legitimate app content marketplaces. Samplepacks may also be made available to users for free under certain circumstances, however the same terms apply to free Samplepacks as Samplepacks. 

2.2 The Sounds remain the property of the Sound Licensor and are licensed to you as the original end-user (“Licensee”), for use subject to the provisions below. All rights not expressly granted herein are reserved exclusively by Sound Licensor.

2.3 The Sounds in a Ninja Jamm Samplepack may be used by Licensee as follows:

2.3.1 The Licensee may use the Sounds in combination with other sounds in music productions (which include soundtracks of such as films, video productions, radio/TV programs or commercials, computer games and multimedia presentations, library music), public performances, and other reasonable musical purposes within musical compositions.

2.3.2 The Licensee may modify the Sounds and may use the Sounds for commercial purposes as part of a musical composition with other sounds.

2.3.3 The Licensee MAY NOT use the Sounds in isolation as sound effects or as loops (i.e. a sequence of musical events) or any competitive products that are sold or relicensed to multiple third parties.

2.3.4 A right to use the sounds is granted only to the Licensee and is NOT transferable.

2.3.5 This license expressly forbids resale, relicensing or other distribution of the Sounds, either as they exist or any modification thereof. You cannot sell, loan, rent, lease, assign, upload to or download from any server, or transfer all or any of the enclosed sounds to another user, or for use in any competitive product.

2.3.6 Licensor will not be responsible if the sounds does not fit the particular purpose of the Licensee.

Thank you for your agreement to and understanding of these Conditions which are designed to protect the artists, content creators and labels so we can continue bringing you great music, sounds and software.